Failed to install addon from zip file the dependency on version could not be satisfied

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Feb 23, 2015 · Hey Martin, there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong, such as not properly sym-linking the OpenCV files into your virtual environment, not updating your .profile file correctly, or even forgetting to run make install. Read through the rest of the comments on this post (I know, there are a lot of them), but they address many ...
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If the native installation does not work for you, you could try if the VirtualBox image does. The downside of this approach is that the VirtualBox image is large: the package you'll need to download is slightly over 3 GB, and when installed, the virtual instance will take about 8 GB from your hard drive.
...install the kodi emby addon the following message was show to "Fail to install a dependency" of the Then you should be able to install the Emby add-on. I'm still looking for a permanent solution. then a install all zip files from the public testing, and the the emby addon from the repository and i...Apr 13, 2011 · If somebody has created a complete node.js application that you want to add to your system, 'npm install -g' is probably the right way to install it. I can see where the node.js philosophy comes from. All these open source modules are developing rapidly and may have very specific version dependencies on other modules.
Jul 13, 2015 · If all dependencies are installed correctly there should be no errors. Now run make to build the plugin files. If the plugin builds correctly you can execute make install which will install the files and to the directory /usr/lib/purple-2, or wherever the libpurple plugin directory is located on your system. Apple
The zip you downloaded from github by clicking "download as zip" is a pack of that repo, which is not the standard R source package format like CRAN hosted. Thus the methods that work with CRAN source tar.gz will not work with this kind of zip. The simplest method is to use devtools::install_local. Yes, looks like dependencies are only checked on install time, and the xbmc.python one is checked on every addon load.. Thus, I'm not getting any of the dependencies pulled in by Kodi in my dev setup, nor do I see missing dependencies in the Kodi 19 repos, unfortunately.
The Add-on <addon-name> failed to install. Make sure that the Add-on is valid and downloaded. Install a compatible version of the Creative Cloud application before installing the extension. Another Add-on required by this one is not installed or enabled. Check which extensions or plugins...
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